'Untainted confidence and honesty, with subtle humour that doesn't beg to be laughed at.' - ROTUNDA MEDIA

'It has won over legions of young female fans' - PERTH NOW

ASHBECLEE was a seven part web series produced in Perth, Australia, and achieved over 190 000 episode views via facebook and youtube.

'In an age of social media where insecurities are rife and real female relationships are rarely seen on screen, Ashbeclee unapologetically finds beauty, humour and bite in life’s socially awkward moments and offers viewers a raw and audacious insight into the lives of three young urbanites as they journey through emerging adulthood.'

Ashbeclee wide.jpg

Directed by Michael Matthews

Starring Adriane Daff, Sarah Danze and Emily Brennan

Written by Tom Medalia, Michael Matthews and Antony Webb

Produced by Anthony Webb

Creative Director Richard Berney